Basic git course

Practice repository

First, fork and clone this practice repository.

Add a remote to the upstream repository:

$ cd basic-practice-pages
$ git remote add upstream ssh://
$ git fetch upstream

Then, create a separate branch from the develop branch:

$ git checkout -b myBranch upstream/develop

Add your name file in the attendees directory:

When you are done editing your file, add the file to the stage and commit it:

$ git add attendees/
$ git commit -m "Edit the content of the subpage"

Once you are done committing, you can push your branch to your fork:

$ git push origin myBranch

Open a merge request

If you now browse to your fork on Gitlab, you can open a merge request and submit it for review.

Please make sure to select develop as the target branch.

Watch out for comments from the reviewer! If there are things to be changed, simply change locally, commit, and then push again. The pull-request will update automatically.

Once the pull request has been accepted, you will be able to see your page online!